Baby…the ‘New’ Old Excuse






You had a baby!

Is that your ‘NEW’ old excuse?

wrap I have 1 child. He is spirited, he is 3, he is Captain Destroyer of the house any pretty much anywhere else we go. Yes I do clean up after him and YES I do the best I can to keep things in order. Lastly, YES I do expect understanding from you that I have a toddler and there will be messes and tantrums. However, I cannot find sympathy when I walk into a house or  a location where the mom is disheveled, manic, her kids are out of control (and by out of control I mean no discipline at all so don’t jump out of your skin at me for this statement because we all know those moms who refuse to discipline their kids) or have chronic Facebook updates about not being able to do anything because their kid can’t sleep unless they are attached to you. There are simple fixes. There are cheap baby slings/carriers. You can still work out and do housework with a baby strapped to you, and guess what? THEY ARE STILL SLEEPING and YOU CAN BE A FUNCTIONAL MEMBER OF SOCIETY!

So yes as you see I may be slightly harsh on this, but you are putting this on the SOCIAL NETWORK do you think you are likely to get sympathy or a reality check?

Baby isn’t your new excuse for the old you that was already lazy. Baby is just your ‘NEW’ old excuse. You need to realize the baby is really your new excuse to get rid of the ‘OLD’ you. With the new addition to your family you need to kick your old habits to the curb and exude your strength and responsibility because that will create good and healthy habits for your child (ren). Believe it or not then you can be proud you are disheveled, but the kids won’t be so out of control. Because your strict discipline on yourself will be and example and rub off on good discipline on them.

It’s not a magic potion. It’s you, and being a responsible parent is magic enough. :)




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