No Bake instead of Shake!

When you work out, diet, or want to add extra protein in your diet the first piece of advice that you get is, ‘drink a protein shake’! However, after a while you just don’t want to drink your food and the taste just becomes boring, you can’t do enough with it, or you hate it. Plus with all the talk of GMO’s going around, you aren’t even sure what you are drinking! GMO Protein ShakesScary isn’t it! Even the most popular brands can’t avoid placing GMO’s in their product. I was horrified because I have used most of these at some point or another. YUCK!

So as I am back in the gym and starting my training for my 2013 series of Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and Mud Factor challenges I am going to not only add the protein shakes back into my daily routine, but some new uses for the protein so that I can achieve all the benefits of the added protein in my diet.

FIRST STOP…my sweet tooth, no bake cookies!

My Vegan Favorite No Bake Protein Cookies/Bars


No Bake Vegan Cookies/Bars

Now believe it or not you can have these prepared in less than 5 minutes…

Microwave 2 cups organic peanut butter & 1 3/4 cups agave nectar


Stir in 2 cups Chocolate Protein (Non GMO)

*Since I am using Arbonne Fit Essential Products I included a 1/4 cup fiber boost*

3 Cups Uncooked Gluten Free Uncooked Oatmeal

Vegan No Bake Cookie/Bars

Spread the mixture into a 9×16 pan lined with parchment paper and refrigerate for an hour and enjoy how you want :) I prefer bars, but my son loves to dig into it with a spoon when I’m not looking :)

Vegan No Bake Cookie/Bars


Almond Butter


Rice Crispies

Puffed Rice/Wheat

Any protein Flavor Variation (Non GMO)

After deciding how you want to enjoy your tasty protein treat keep stored in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks.

Nutritional information for this recipe as I made it: *Makes 24 servings: calories 240, fat 9 grams, protein 13 grams, carbs 24 grams, sodium 98 mg., fiber 3 grams, sugar 15 grams. Arbonne’s Protein powder is Vegan Certified; includes CoQ10, Alfalfa, Ginseng, and Flaxseed. The protein source is pea, rice, & cranberry protein. Each serving of our protein shake includes 20 grams of protein, plus 20 essential vitamins & minerals.

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